Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

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Art for Friends/ Art from Friends, Pt. 2

I have some very creative and talented friends who have given me gifts in the form of their artwork. Here are some examples:


These paintings are from my dear friend Rachel, and were given to me as a Christmas present one year. They have traveled with me to four different places I’ve lived so far and are always the first thing I put on the walls!:


This was a birthday present from my friend Jeannie, of course!:


This is a painting by my Burmese monk friend, Kovida. He doesn’t realize how talented he is!


These next two were done by a regular patron of a coffee shop I worked at, Murph Dog. They are Pittsburgh scenes on found materials:



Art For Friends/ Art From Friends Pt. 1

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken pictures of all the art I’ve made for friends prior to giving it to them, but here is a selection of art I have made for my friends (click images to see full-size):

I made this as a birthday card for my friend David Atkins’ 40th Birthday:

This is a piece of digital art I made for my friend/partner in crime, John Eliff:

This is a drawing I did for my friend Jeannie after she made me a beautiful marker picture I will post in Part 2 (Art from friends):

This is a collage I am making for my friend Dee. I don’t think it’s finished yet:

I want to incorporate this digital manipulation of Dee’s photo I made somehow:

Part 2: Art From Friends –>

Some Silly Sketches

Just some sketches I haven’t showed anyone since I made them in September 2008. Let me know if you think I should try to do more. I was thinking it might be nice on canvas with acryllics or gouache…

Candle Collage and What are U up to Today? Wednesdays!

I know it’s quite a bit early for Christmas, but this collage didn’t start out this way. It started with some sheet music for “Pass It On,” and a pretty church from a notecard. But then four out of the other five pictures came from the December 1987 issue of Southern Living magazine, and it just fell into place. The candle is drawn with Sharpie permanent markers. The collage is on a cardboard insert from an book order.

Here is my workspace for What are U up to Today? Wednesdays:

Here is a photo of the collage adhered with YES! Paste, prior to putting on a coat of Mod Podge:

Here is the finished product:


One reason I like to make Japanese Ink Brush paintings is the smell of the ink on the grindstone. It smells like pine and glue. Another reason, the main reason, is that it has to be done so slowly that it takes all my concentration and there is no room in my head for daily worries and distractions. I made these a while back, but am posting them now in hopes that I will remind myself to do more of them now!

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Skate & Destroy

When I was a kid I always wanted to skateboard, but my Mom, as many Moms do, thought it was too dangerous. I started skateboarding when I was 27 years old (I’m 29 now). I’ve gotten bumps, bruises, and even stitches, but when I am in the zone, I feel like I am soaring. It is the closest I can get to the feeling of flying. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do all the fancy tricks, but I am happy just coasting along and picking up speed and feeling the wind in my hair. I made a collage in honor of this. 3-28-11

Check out my sk8 blog here (not updated much, tho, sorry)

A Cat Collage

This is a mixed media collage I made for my youngest cat, Anise. I started with a sketch I had done in my journal and encircled her with pieces cut out from a magazine and adhered with YES! Paste. I finished off with a pink permanent marker.

Here is a shot of my current workspace. I am in the process of moving, so I have to make do with what I have with me!