Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

I have been experimenting with putting my collages directly onto different media. Except for the plaque, which I just used a glue stick for (why it’s wrinkly), the collages were adhered with YES! Paste and then covered with Mod Podge. I used a sponge applicator. Here are some of the results thus far (click on image to see larger):

1. Book-shaped Box– As a base, I first lay down pages from actual old books that I found on the streets in New York City. One is in French, one in German, and one in English. The text I chose to show is significant (der vagabund, amours de poetes). I added images from nature and words about a life story. I gave this to my brother for his birthday.

Front of book-box

Back of book-box

My brother receiving the book-box for his birthday, with some surprises inside.


2. Oval wooden plaque– This is a self-portrait of sorts. It pays homage to my skatergirl side. I hadn’t figured out the adhesive yet so it’s a bit wrinkly. My photo is a part of it.

3. Picture frame– this frame is for the reluctant rocker, the person who is automatically the center of attention, but doesn’t necessarily want it that way.


Comments on: "Collages on different media" (2)

  1. Crystalee said:

    Oh, the book came out really well! I’m super impressed.

    • pigeonpeanuts said:

      Thank you! I think my brother liked it. Inside I put little composition books and fancy roller ball pens!

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