Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso


painting of me by Than Htay Maung, other two drawings by me

When I was a child, I loved to draw, to paint, to do anything to do with art. I had fancy watercolor colored pencils, got one and two at a time because they were so expensive. I had cheap paints and quality Indian Ink. I filled journal after journal. In seventh grade, I received and introduction to calligraphy and loved it. In the eighth grade, my perspective drawing of a city was marked down because the lines weren’t parallel. I was discouraged and thought I sucked at art so started to do less and less. I focused my creative energies on my writing; short fiction and poetry. But there was something missing. I realized I loved visual art and needed to do it. I enjoyed doing it and decided not to care what anyone else thought. And then, other people liked it. Artists like Rose Clancy gave me positive feedback. I found my niche in mixed media. I draw and paint, but my favorite things to do are calligraphy, which I’ve picked back up and took a community college class on, and collage. I like how the pieces fit together like a beautiful puzzle into a collage. I began experimenting with different mediums to do the collages on. I combine my calligraphy with collage and found objects.  I improved my techniques and tools. I am still learning every day. This is my journey. These are my journals.

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