Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

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My New Studio Space

I set this up last night in the basement– still a work in progress, but I wanted to share.

The space is delineated by my artist table on one side and my desk on the other, and the crates of books along the backside. There is room for the cats to play too, so hopefully they don’t play with my pens and papers instead!

This is my artist table where I do my calligraphy. The plastic drawers on the right are where I keep my tools and supplies. The books on the left are for inspiration.

Here is a close-up of some of the calligraphy projects I’ve done.

Art for Friends/ Art from Friends, Pt. 2

I have some very creative and talented friends who have given me gifts in the form of their artwork. Here are some examples:


These paintings are from my dear friend Rachel, and were given to me as a Christmas present one year. They have traveled with me to four different places I’ve lived so far and are always the first thing I put on the walls!:


This was a birthday present from my friend Jeannie, of course!:


This is a painting by my Burmese monk friend, Kovida. He doesn’t realize how talented he is!


These next two were done by a regular patron of a coffee shop I worked at, Murph Dog. They are Pittsburgh scenes on found materials:


Art For Friends/ Art From Friends Pt. 1

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken pictures of all the art I’ve made for friends prior to giving it to them, but here is a selection of art I have made for my friends (click images to see full-size):

I made this as a birthday card for my friend David Atkins’ 40th Birthday:

This is a piece of digital art I made for my friend/partner in crime, John Eliff:

This is a drawing I did for my friend Jeannie after she made me a beautiful marker picture I will post in Part 2 (Art from friends):

This is a collage I am making for my friend Dee. I don’t think it’s finished yet:

I want to incorporate this digital manipulation of Dee’s photo I made somehow:

Part 2: Art From Friends –>

Welcome to My Mixed Media Journal

(painting of me by Than Htay Maung)

When I was a child, I loved to draw, to paint, to do anything to do with art. I had fancy watercolor colored pencils, got one and two at a time because they were so expensive. I had cheap paints and quality Indian Ink. I filled journal after journal. In seventh grade, I received and introduction to calligraphy and loved it. In the eighth grade, my perspective drawing of a city was marked down because the lines weren’t parallel. I was discouraged and thought I sucked at art so started to do less and less. I focused my creative energies on my writing; short fiction and poetry. But there was something missing. I realized I loved visual art and needed to do it. I enjoyed doing it and decided not to care what anyone else thought. And then, other people liked it. Artists like Rose Clancy gave me positive feedback. I found my niche in mixed media. I draw and paint, but my favorite things to do are calligraphy, which I’ve picked back up and took a community college class on, and collage. I like how the pieces fit together like a beautiful puzzle into a collage. I began experimenting with different mediums to do the collages on. I combine my calligraphy with collage and found objects.  I improved my techniques and tools. I am still learning every day. This is my journey. These are my journals.