Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

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Travel Journal Archives: Trinidad & Tobago

Here are some pages from my travel journal when I went to Trinidad & Tobago in Summer 2007:


Art for Friends/ Art from Friends, Pt. 2

I have some very creative and talented friends who have given me gifts in the form of their artwork. Here are some examples:


These paintings are from my dear friend Rachel, and were given to me as a Christmas present one year. They have traveled with me to four different places I’ve lived so far and are always the first thing I put on the walls!:


This was a birthday present from my friend Jeannie, of course!:


This is a painting by my Burmese monk friend, Kovida. He doesn’t realize how talented he is!


These next two were done by a regular patron of a coffee shop I worked at, Murph Dog. They are Pittsburgh scenes on found materials:


Art For Friends/ Art From Friends Pt. 1

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken pictures of all the art I’ve made for friends prior to giving it to them, but here is a selection of art I have made for my friends (click images to see full-size):

I made this as a birthday card for my friend David Atkins’ 40th Birthday:

This is a piece of digital art I made for my friend/partner in crime, John Eliff:

This is a drawing I did for my friend Jeannie after she made me a beautiful marker picture I will post in Part 2 (Art from friends):

This is a collage I am making for my friend Dee. I don’t think it’s finished yet:

I want to incorporate this digital manipulation of Dee’s photo I made somehow:

Part 2: Art From Friends –>